“Too Magnificent” Nicky Martin – Manager Of Champions

Phil Gordon – Voice of MCW

These two speak their mind and lay it all out on the line

The two hosts of MCW Magazine show on Youtube (seen here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw3g0V8JFzJyNM6PiIqGSXA/featured?view_as=subscriber) are imposing on a new forum. The two hosts are taking their thoughts and opinions to text.

Join mcwontario.wordpress.com on alternating Saturdays as these two will post their blogs on MCW and professional wrestling alternating weeks.

One Week: Phil Gordon’s Grand Slam….a championship lens on the professional wrestling industry.

One Week: From the Magnificent Mind….Champion of Managers, Manager of Champions.

Which blog do you like better? Let us know on our social media outlets!

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