Ode To Gordon

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear readers, fans of MCW… Under normal circumstances, I would be coming to you with a topic of great interest for the Magnificent Mind. Under normal circumstances I would be providing you with my thoughts and informed opinions for you all to consume and I would be allowing you all to bask in my presence and my knowledge. But this week, there are no “normal circumstances.” No, this week, my esteemed co-host, Phil Gordon decided to turn my life upside down. If you haven’t had a chance to check out last week’s MCW Magazine, I highly suggest you do, this way, you can get caught up with the absolute travesty and injustices that occurred on that program.

Not only did Phil Gordon spend the show in MY chair at the Cable 14 Studios, not only did he SOMEHOW get a meeting with the higher ups, but what he also did, was he somehow managed to score himself a cushy vacation while leaving me SUSPENDED.  But, you think that’s the frosting on the cake don’t you? You think that, that, would be the end of it. But NO, Phil Gordon had to take things one step further and in doing so he ensured that I was not only suspended, but I was suspended without PAY! 

So, while I would absolutely LOVE to deliver you another stellar masterpiece of written gold, instead I will be spending my day in a court room over some bogus claim from Gord Martinson, who by the way is a stand up human being and a GREAT financial advisor!

And as far as my esteemed co-host is concerned, Gordon, when we return with the MCW Magazine, I have a bone to pick with you! My lawyers have a bone to pick with you, and I’d be willing to bet that the FANS will have a bone to pick with you! Mark my words Gordon, because no matter how good of a broadcaster you are, no matter how much research you do, and no matter how smooth your work always seems to be, when I am done, there is NOTHING that will be able to save you. I WILL clear my name and you can bet on that. 

I am and I always will be the one and only man who is just Too Magnificent, and this? THIS is just a minor setback. Are you reading this Gordon? A minor setback! I will be back and no one will know what hit them! Martin OUT!

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